The Improvement of Electric Control System of New Type Press

Currently on the market of PLC program control and electronic cam common on the punch, the control mode is divided into two different structures, the first high-speed punch control structure is a punch motor through the pulley through the middle of the electronic cam connected to the gear Transmission equipment drive gears, gears, this structure […]

Selection Rules of Punch Guides and Precautions for Changing Precision of Punch machine

The choice of the principle of the punch guide rail and the change of the precision of guide rail Punch rails adhere to the motion path is divided into linear motion and circular motion guide rail, according to the nature of care into the main movement of rails, feed movement rail and adjust the rail, […]

Note the use of CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing, especially for ultra-long type of stacked plates, stringers, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous system Fuyuan into the sea of various large parts drilling CNC drilling machine in the use of the need to note the following: CNC drilling machine […]