Characteristics of Pneumatic Presses Pneumatic punch

Characteristics of Pneumatic Presses Pneumatic punch, riveting press, riveting machine, riveting machine, pneumatic press punching machine A: product characteristics 1, with compressed air as the power source boring machine, high efficiency and easy operation, can reduce labor force, suitable for manual operation, automated assembly line operations; 2 CNC Busbar Punching Machine, the structure is simple, easy to operate, cheap, superior performance, there is no oil pressure system and the standby power generated by noise, can save electricity consumption to reduce production costs, with a high price; 3, the output is easy to adjust, just adjust the barometric pressure can be adjusted to the required pressure, high yield. With anti – rotation of the guide bar, guide plate, high precision, can adapt to high – speed precision Chongzai; 4, according to different products or mold, adjust the height, speed, stroke, the size of the pressure and stamping time; 5 beam drilling and sawing lines, optional hand control buttons or foot switch, can increase the protection device, heating mold, temperature control and pressure sensors, control devices and pre-control device in line with safety standards to ensure the safety of operators. 6, the use of microcomputer control system, can choose manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic operation, and the other can increase the control device. Second, the scope of application Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, cameras, watches, jewelry, hardware and clothing, footwear industry; Third, the processing of materials Can be thin, strip, coil shear, punching, blanking, forming, bending, riveting and other processes; suitable for non-ferrous metals, plastic parts processing.

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