environmental protection CNC Drilling Machine

Pneumatic presses, Luohu pneumatic punch, quality assurance services in place Luohu pneumatic punch equipment manufacturers – IPM main products: precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses, forging presses, and so on. Pneumatic punch its use of the most advanced casting technology, the whole structure is stable; system micro-electric control to prevent the second punch cnc punching machine, double protection; micro-control punching strength, machine damage to aluminum minimum; Low noise; slider with six-oriented, and enhance the service life of the mold. With the operation stability, safety, high precision, processing automation, environmental protection CNC Drilling Machine, energy saving and so on. IPM punch is your trusted professional punch manufacturers Head punching machine. IPM pneumatic punch quality assurance services in place, please contact us:www.ipmmc.com

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