How can the wear parts of the lift equipment be properly maintained?

What is fragile parts cnc for sale, mainly refers to the usual more easy to wear parts, easy to wear parts in the lift more, because the work of the various components and ultimately, friction, the following lifting platform for you to explain wear parts maintenance knowledge. Manufacturers equipment 1, tires Lift tire is a kind of wear goods, long-term use will be worn, and the lift tires are also divided into many kinds such as: nylon wheel, PU wheel, polyurethane bag nylon, rubber wheel. Most of the lifts are equipped with nylon wheels, because the market in general, cheap, but the wear of poor, walking noise is also large. Lift a certain degree of tire wear, please replace, expensive, cheap, customer choice. 2, the fuel tank Cylinders in the entire lifts play a vital role in the process hydraulic angle cutting machine, but also through it to achieve the goods rise and fall. So if the fork can not fall, or can not rise, the reason: 1) may be due to the load in the cargo, overload or partial load, making the piston rod and cylinder damage; 2) the piston rod exposed to rust for a long time, hinder the smooth movement of the piston; 3) Adjust the nut and hex nut is not in the correct position; then according to judge, replace the piston rod or cylinder, do not use the lift when the car down the minimum, re-adjust the nut. 3, seal ring Seal ring is sealed cylinder rod and cylinder between the key components, are generally equipped with imported seals.


Mainly good sealing, wear, use a long time. 70% of the cylinder oil leakage occurs in the oil seal above, if the cylinder oil leakage phenomenon, timely inspection, the case of aging and damaged seals, the choice of high-quality sealing ring replacement. piston 4, the pump station Pump station is a key part of all lifts, once the pumping station problems sheet metal fabrication, that declared lifts to stop working, no matter how good the other components in time, there is no damage, can not work. The pumping station is a very large number of common components, including the most prone to problems with a dust ring, O-ring, ball and other accessories, Zhenyang lift to remind you once these accessories problems or in the use of process In the wear and tear, damage, the easiest and fastest solution is to replace the replacement of these accessories. 5, pole Support rod is connected between the pumping station and the key components of the rod, hydraulic cylinder lifting support, cargo handling are supported by the pole to support and achieve a balance, due to the handling of goods, may be overloaded, And other phenomena tend to lead to deformation or fracture of the pole. It must occur this phenomenon can not operate the lift, so contact manufacturers or in the market to buy replacement pole Steel Punching. 6, electronic control switch.

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