Note the use of CNC drilling machine

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing, especially for ultra-long type of stacked plates, stringers, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous system Fuyuan into the sea of various large parts drilling CNC drilling machine in the use of the need to note the following:
CNC drilling machine
1, because the origin and the negative limit share a detection switch, in order to avoid the origin of the drill bit collision with the bed, before the origin, please remove more than 20mm drill.
2, the use of coolant in winter, you must add the appropriate antifreeze.
3, before using this machine, please be sure to carefully read the mechanical and electrical instructions in all the precautions and accident prevention methods, a full understanding of the operation of the machine, maintenance, maintenance and the situation.
4, the transmission of data, you must put the [Run / Manual Auto] knob to manual state.
5, after the transfer of data, you must re-place the [processing station] knob from the different areas need to hit the processing area.
6, drill sheet, if you need to add pad, pay attention to prevent the gantry to run automatically when the encounter pad.

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