The Development of Pneumatic Technology of Pneumatic

The Development of Pneumatic Technology of Pneumatic Press With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of production, the application of aerodynamic technology has expanded rapidly. First drilling equipment manufacturers, miniaturization, integration Second, the combination of intelligent Third, precision Fourth, high-speed 5, no oil, tasteless, sterile Sixth, high life, high reliability and self-diagnostic function 7, energy saving bevel machine, low power consumption Eight, mechanical and electrical integration 9, to meet the special requirements of certain industries 10, application of new technologies, new processes pipeline welding machine, new materials 11 welding solutions, standardization 12, security

Pneumatic punch mark marking system

Pneumatic punch mark marking system Pneumatic punch marks provide an impression of the effect of air pressure and retraction on the work surface of mild steel drill machine for flange, stainless steel bevel machine, or punch presses are a material of 1/4 ‘or thicker cnc angle machine, which is ideal for marking the layout of lines or holes \ Bull; up to 9,000 clicks per minute \u Bull; Ideally, the location of the central drilling hole \6 Bull; The second operation of the engraved line

power counters straightening machine

Pneumatic press technology In this case, Pneumatic press technology Applicable to all kinds of metal and non-metallic pipe, sheet metal punching areas. Machinery industry: stamping parts, stamping processing, metal stamping parts, metal stamping parts, automotive stamping parts, stretching pieces, metal stretching pieces, stamping sheet metal parts. Household goods: electronics, communications, electrical, lighting, toys, chassis, furniture, sports equipment, barbecue utensils hardware, lighting hardware, electronic hardware, chassis cabinets, kitchen utensils, hinges, cotter pin, , Packaging materials, stickers, cell phone membrane, gaskets, mats, aluminum, terminals, speaker network buy online drill machine. Road traffic: transportation supplies, automotive / security, protective equipment, pneumatic Pneumatic and accessories communications products. Office supplies: power counters straightening machine, ATM teller shell Angle Straightening Machine, air-conditioning parts, printers, copiers racks and various types of precision sheet metal.

Wide application of precision punching quality characteristics

Precision punching high-quality: fine blanking parts to meet the specifications of the tolerance level A-precision requirements best drill machine, the roughness of the shear surface can meet the needs of Ra0.8-0.2μm. Precision punching for a high-tech precision molding with plastic manufacturing less no cutting processing means cnc drill machine, in a Chongjichu both access to high-precision specifications, the shear surface roughness, but also a corresponding three-dimensional shape (using composite Forming processing means) parts, which is characterized by high quality, high efficiency, wide application.

Precision punch the greater the angle CNC angle punch, punching will be formed when the curling and fracture, or even a thin edge of the protrusions. Conversely, if the gap is too small, the waste will appear small angle fracture surface and the larger bright side. Precision punch mold gap refers to the punch into the next mold, the gap on both sides and. It is related to plate thickness, material quality and stamping process. It can ensure good punching quality, reduce burr and collapse, keep sheet flat and effectively prevent strip material and prolong die life.

The advantages and disadvantages of precision punching

Precision punch in the manufacture drill machine, assembly, the first mold structure, working principle, product shape, vehicle matching relationship and the related process modeling has a clear understanding, understanding, in the assembly process for some forming rounded, ridge, impact Trace, pull the surface angle and other factors have a clear understanding, so that in the assembly, commissioning process, clear thinking, primary and secondary clear, both to improve work efficiency, but also to ensure quality.

Disadvantages: 1 · complex processing technology, labor efficiency is not high. 2, when the pressure between the film and the film is prone to gaps, and because the pieces are not associated with each other, so the material between each piece more or less there is the material itself or man-made differences busbar machine, thus affecting the motor performance; 3, material utilization is extremely low, precision punching punch when the corner and the middle circle are washed away, resulting in a great waste; Advantage: 1. Using a dedicated controller, integrated in the cam and mechanical counters drill machine online buy, mechanical pointer function, reducing the number of components of the system, and enhance the reliability of the system. 2. Using the rotary encoder as a precision punch crank angle / slider stroke sensor, to overcome the punch when the vibration of the larger work on the measurement of the impact. 3. The controller specially designed for the precision punching machine has advantages over the mechanical cam in the ease of use and the maintenance cost, and the failure rate is extremely low, so as to ensure the stamping production of the customer.

Safety code for precision punching equipment

Precision Punch Equipment Safety Code: 1. All kinds of machine tools, blending machines, double (single) rolling mill, vulcanizing press, hydraulic press Busbar Processing Machine, tablet press and ball rolling machine used by various departments must develop safe operation rules and special person in charge of maintenance and repair. 2. Various types of machinery and equipment must be installed to protect the ground (zero) line, mobile machinery and equipment should be installed leakage protection. 3. Precision punching machinery and equipment pulley, shaft, the gear, back wheel, grinding wheel or a dangerous part of the human body must be installed protective cover. It is strictly forbidden to carry out cleaning or maintenance work under the condition of equipment operation.

4. Punching machines, woodworking planers, rolling mills and other equipment must be fitted with safety guards or emergency braking devices angle closing Machine. 5. Precision punch equipment must be fixed firmly, between the pieces should be left for easy maintenance and ensure safe spacing. 6. Personnel handling machinery and equipment shall wear labor protection equipment in accordance with regulations and abide by the operating rules bandsaw machine. 7. Machinery and equipment, molds, precision punches with a tire should always check, deformation, fatigue or damage may not continue to use. Hydraulic machine, shearing machine, rolling machine, etc. are not allowed to use overload.

8. Precise punching equipment to distribute or produce dust must be taken to prevent and control measures. According to the provisions of the mechanical equipment pre-management, machinery from the purchase began, we must pay attention to mechanical design is safe, reliable, safe device is perfect, reliable, protective standards, and in the use of the same type of machine in time Feedback to the design, manufacture units, if necessary, to send supervision.

The Influence of Precision Punching Abrasive Tool on the Service Life of Punch

Precision punch press abrasive impact on the life of the punch, precision punch mold in the structure can be divided into two cases: a limit (1). (2) common parts. Changes in the product. A total of part of the standards or norms, according to the gap between the finished product and the reform is normal. The composition and the two. Template specification: 1 template composition The composition of the precision punch press mold will be based on the type and composition of the mold, the sequence is different from the type of traps and top-down type of physical layout of the two categories. The former is the key to constructing the most frequently used, the latter structure or the extra deep drawing die.

The main work of this paper is: (1) digital mapping – the three-dimensional products and mold models and two-dimensional engineering drawings, to change the traditional treatment; (2) the digital bed model – the product of the mold and the product of the association hope to be born bevel tools, the mold of the three – dimensional solid model; Digital simulation (3) die – to clarify the product of the forming process analysis, terms, understand the structure of the mold parts of the thermal decomposition table, drowsiness hands and feet mold; (4) product formation process imitation – injection molding, punch; (5) custom sound company mold set its order and standard adjustment; (6) mold production and processing. Specification 2 of the mold . The size of the mold and the locking screw The template size should be larger than the taskbar and select a typical template size hydraulic busbar punching machine. The template locking screw shows the relationship between mold size and mold size. The most frequently manipulated tooling locking screws are based on the four corners of the case and can be used in geo-paradigm behavior.

The long letter series of molds most frequently used locking screws in four corners to create and center the center of gravity. (1). template The overall correlation structure, the template thickness choice and the mold punch processing type, the punch cutting force, the punch processing precision and so on. According to the thickness of the mold to determine the appearance of the revelation is heavy, the experience gained and the strategy to use the appropriate template thickness usually, although not uniform, height and clamping height of the mold standard, simple procurement and inventory management. Template four: The main template for the continuous punching fixed plate drill angle steel, platen, the mother template, etc., according to precision machining, punch products, to convince the eel processing mold production, to provide assistance, if the following three mold repair steps: (2) 1) yoke, (2) insertion. 1 piece style A block template is also known as a structure type, and air must be turned off for processing.

The overall template for the purely structural or precision molds is mainly high, cutting the main template (3) processing methods to receive the thermal action must be wire-cut processing or EDM and grinding. The length of the template size is good (no heat treatment) will select two or more types and. 2 yoke type Yoke-type template to remove the central groove-type block product assembly. With the operation of the volts under the construction, the groove is also composed of templates. The yoke template structure price: ditch easy processing, ditch processing precision width can transform, well and so on. But low rigidity optimization finds losses.

Zài chōngchuáng chéngxíng gōngjiàn wàibiǎo kāigōng hé mújù de yǐngxiǎng —————– zài chōngchuáng chéngxíng gōngjiàn wàibiǎo kāigōng hé mújù de yǐngxiǎng, gēnjù chōngchuáng biànxíng jīnshǔ duō jīngtǐ wéiguān jiégòu de shíjì qíngkuàng, fēnxī wēi shēnfèn hé jīnshǔ de wéiguān jiégòu de xiàolì, bìng duì jīguān jīnshǔ biànxíng, wéiguān biànxíng jiéguǒ chéngwéi hóngguān biànxíng de jīnshǔ piàn. Gùrán zhè yī biǎomiàn, yánjiū fāngfǎ qūzhí cháng kēxué de, wú kě zhǐzhāi. Zhè shì mùqián lǐlùn yánjiū fāngfǎ de tǒngyī. Zhè yī lǐlùn de yánjiū fāngfǎ, bǎ jīnshǔ cáiliào jiǎnhuà wéi jūn zhì gùtǐ quánpán, jìnyībù jiǎnhuàle jīnshǔ cáiliào de běnnéng cānshù, mǒu xiē cān shǔ de hónggōu tiáojiàn, kòngquē zhuàngkuàng, tōngguò chōngyā de shùxué chángshì de xíngchéng guòchéng, bìngyòng shùxué de fāngfǎ kèhuà gè zhǒng chōngyā hán liáng guīlǜ. Zhè yī lǐlùn de yánjiū fāngfǎ, bǎ jīnshǔ cáiliào jiǎnhuà wéi jūn zhì gùtǐ lǐxiǎng, jìnyībù jiǎnhuàle jīnshǔ cáiliào dì xìngnéng cānshù, mǒu xiē cān shǔ de biānjiè tiáojiàn, kòngbái zhuàngtài, tōngguò chōngyā de shùxué zhīshì de xíngchéng guòchéng, bìngyòng shùxué de fāngfǎ kèhuà gè zhǒng chōngyā hán liáng guīlǜ. Zhè yī lǐlùn de yánjiū fāngfǎ, bǎ jīnshǔ cáiliào jiǎnhuà wéi jūn zhì gùtǐ lǐxiǎng, jìnyībù jiǎnhuàle jīnshǔ cáiliào dì xìngnéng cānshù, mǒu xiē cān shǔ de biānjiè tiáojiàn, kòngbái zhuàngtài, tōngguò chōngyā de shùxué zhīshì de xíngchéng guòchéng, bìngyòng shùxué de fāngfǎ kèhuà gè zhǒng chōngyā hán liáng guīlǜ. Zài chōngyā gōngzuò bùxíng chōngchuáng zuò chōngchuáng mújù méiyǒu zài yīqǐ, zhè biāomíng zài chōngyā pèizhì guòxì de juésè, yuángōng yīnggāi zài chōngchuáng mújù jiégòu de fēnxī shì bì fú chéng shǎo de, yīncǐ, rúhé zhèngquè de mújù zhuāngzhì zài chōngchuáng quán shǔ de cuòshī rúxià: 23-25 Chōngchuáng The appearance of the workpiece in the punch forming process and the impact of the mold

According to the actual situation of microstructure of deformed metal polycrystal, the effect of micro-identity and microstructure of metal is analyzed, and the metal deformation and microscopic deformation of the mechanism become macroscopically deformed metal sheet in the punch forming process. Although this surface, research methods are often scientific, blameless. This is the unity of the current theoretical research methods.

The research method of this theory, the metal material is simplified as homogeneous solid overall, further simplifies the metal material instinct parameters, some parameters of the gap conditions, vacancy situation, through the mathematical knowledge of stamping the formation process, and mathematical methods All kinds of stamping content of the law. This method simplifies the metal material to homogeneous solid ideal, further simplifies the performance parameters of metal materials, the boundary conditions of some parameters, blank state, through the formation of mathematical knowledge of stamping process, and the mathematical method of characterization All kinds of stamping content of the law. This method simplifies the metal material to homogeneous solid ideal, further simplifies the performance parameters of metal materials, the boundary conditions of some parameters, blank state, through the formation of mathematical knowledge of stamping process, and the mathematical method of characterization All kinds of stamping content of the law.

The punching tool does not work together in punching the punch mold, which indicates that in the stamping configuration of the role of too fine, the staff should be in the punch die structure analysis is boundless, so how to correct the mold device in punch all measures are as follows:

23-25 ​​presses

The Improvement of Electric Control System of New Type Press

Currently on the market of PLC program control and electronic cam common on the punch, the control mode is divided into two different structures, the first high-speed punch control structure is a punch motor through the pulley through the middle of the electronic cam connected to the gear Transmission equipment drive gears, gears, this structure has the following shortcomings: First, too many intermediate transmission links, punching resulting in higher efficiency and lower production costs; Second, the feedback time is too long, not real-time control; Third, the error accumulation, resulting in reduced precision punch control. The second high-speed punch, the electronic control structure is directly connected to the electronic cam through the transmission rod crankshaft, the structure is omitted in the intermediate transmission device, but as an electronic cam is directly connected to the crankshaft, the impact of the crankshaft is caused by a direct down weight Fist, electronic cam, electronic cam life and monitoring accuracy has a great impact.

For this type of presses, specialized research and development of high-speed presses, the new electric control system, the punch factory through the V-belt and the gear and crankshaft connected to the main motor, crankshaft jacket with electronic cam controller, digital cam controller, including Rotating and resilient pins. A crankshaft socket gear, a bevel gear on the gear set, a shaft, and in turn, a crankshaft rotating receptacle connected to the crankshaft and the gear shaft through the bevel gear and the gear to maintain a certain clearance when the crankshaft assembly hole is opened; And the elastic pin structure is similar to the pinhole. The punch rotation pin hole is perpendicular to the pin hole of the fitting hole. The elastic pin is easy to be assembled with the rotary shaft because of its elastic contraction, rather than being loosened after assembling. The shaft at the other end of the jacket has a bearing seat, the shaft end is fitted with a flexible coupling, the elastic coupling passes through the screw and the electronic cam together as a whole, the gear shaft keeps a certain gap.

In the running, the punch press drives the crankshaft through the main motor of the high-speed punching machine, and the Henan punching machine drives the shaft through the elastic pin to drive the shaft. The rotation speed is transmitted to the electronic CAM through the elastic coupling. Due to the high-speed punching of the elastic cam, Only through the torque in the shaft, therefore, in any case, will not affect the electronic cam, thus improving the punch electronic cam monitoring accuracy.

Selection Rules of Punch Guides and Precautions for Changing Precision of Punch machine

The choice of the principle of the punch guide rail and the change of the precision of guide rail

Punch rails adhere to the motion path is divided into linear motion and circular motion guide rail, according to the nature of care into the main movement of rails, feed movement rail and adjust the rail, according to the force into the open rail and closed rail. According to the nature of the conflict is divided into two kinds of sliding rail and dither guide. In accordance with the support rail convex and concave form, can be divided into convex rail and concave rail; convex triangle rail called mountain rail, concave triangle called V-shaped guide. Convex rail is not easy to save the oil, but easy to exclude the rail punch surface of the chip and other debris. Concave guide easy to store lubricants, but also easy to fall into the chips and debris, must be equipped to prevent. When selecting an application, the following principles apply:
1, the conditions of a larger rail stiffness and load-bearing skills, with a rectangular guide, small and medium-sized punch guide to take Yamagata and rectangular joint, and heavy-duty presses are double rectangular guide.

2, requiring high precision guide punch with triangular rails, triangular rail face from the bearing and guide at the same time from the role of wear and tear after the spontaneous increase in spacing, high-precision guide.

3, rectangular, round rail process is good, to create, exercise is simple. Triangle, dovetail-shaped guide poor technology.

4, requires compact layout, height and easy adjustment of the small punch, with a dovetail rail.

Punch in the device to adjust the bed guide rail precision should note the following:

1, the bottom must be careful of the stiffness.

2, the ambient temperature does not change too much, the defense of the sun and other direct heat effects (preferably in the constant temperature adjustment workshop).

3, the use of tight measurement instruments (such as optical and laser collimators, electronic level, etc.), remove the measurement shortcomings.

4, to ensure that the adjustment of the horn and the foundation of the connection surface, the bed connection surface of outstanding transactions, to avoid contact caused by poor precision changes to ensure that punch accuracy.

5, when tightening the anchor bolt to be uniform, all screws, nuts should be similar to the level of elasticity to ensure that the bed can be evenly pressed on the adjustment horn.

Punch adjusted, placed 24 hours and then review the bed guide rail accuracy, such as changes in the new arrangements should be, such as changes in the fine tuning is not held, so often adjusted so that the accuracy of punch guide rail remained stable. Punch press after a year of operation, bed accuracy need to be adjusted.