Pneumatic auxiliary components failure treatment

Pneumatic auxiliary components failure treatment In this case pipe welding machine, Pneumatic components failure are: oil mist device failure, automatic sewage device failure, muffler failure. 1, the failure of the oil mist: adjustment of the needle is too small to adjust the amount of oil blockage, pneumatic punching pipe leaks and so will not be able to atomize the oil droplets. In this regard, the pneumatic punch should be promptly deal with blockage and leakage of the place, adjust the amount of drop of oil iron worker tools, to reach about 5 drops / min.

Normal use, the oil cup to keep the oil in the upper and lower limits within. The bottom of the oil cups are deposited in water, should be promptly ruled out. 2, Pneumatic Press Automatic sewage device within the oil and water can not be automatically excluded sometimes, especially in the case of low temperature in winter is particularly serious. In this case, it should be removed and inspected and cleaned. 3, when the valve mounted on the muffler is too dirty or blocked high speed drill, it will affect the sensitivity of the valve and commutation time, it is necessary to regularly clean the muffler.

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