Pneumatic punch the old brand gantry welding machine

Pneumatic punch the old brand gantry welding machine, Guangzhou punch equipment – co-forging Guangzhou Punch Equipment-IPM mainly produces precision presses, pneumatic presses, sheet metal presses and forging presses. Among them, the pneumatic punch has a simple structure and low production cost, and adopts pneumatic technology to realize an air compressor for multiple pneumatic punching machines at the same time. Work, more energy than the electric punch custom metal fabrication. Reduce power consumption. Simple operation, high safety, the use of foot switches to control the solenoid valve, simple structure, low failure rate and improve efficiency.

Highly sensitive, test clutch / brake device and the international top double solenoid valve to ensure that the press slide and stop the accuracy and safety of the machine running the transmission components using centralized detection drill machine, automatic forced lubrication system design, Real-time control can be achieved, self-protection function. IPM is the Guangdong punch processing of the old brand, welcome customers to buy, and to undertake the special needs of customers specifications products.

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