r der for each nest ing level is shown

r der for each nest ing level is shown

here in a sim pli fied form ( Sn is the start level num ber, En is the cor re spond ing end level num ber): S1 E1

Single level

S1 S2 E2 E1

Double level

S1 S2 S3 E3 E2 E1

Triple level

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Chapter 13

Each listed digit in di cates the cur rent nest ing level, and the or der of dig its rep re sents the or der

of pro gram flow from one nest ing level to an other and then back This is the angle machine nest ing struc ture as it

should be Un for tu nately, mis takes do hap pen, and in macro loop ing, the most com mon mis take

is cross ing the lev els when more than one level is programmed

Cross ing the WHILE loop be tween nest ing lev els is not al lowed, for ex am ple, the fol low ing

WHILE struc ture (and struc tures that are sim i lar) is wrong – Fig ure 25:

WHILE [ Condition 1 is true ] DO1

Start of WHILE loop 1

WHILE [ Condition 2 is true ] DO2

Start of WHILE loop 2


End of WHILE loop 1


End of WHILE loop 2

Figure 25

Common macro looping error – major structure problem (compare with previous formats)

Er rors of loop ing, in any num ber of nested lev els, may not al ways be the eas i est ones to find,

par tic angle shearing machine u larly in long or com plex mac ros That is the main rea son why al ways main taining or der

and con sis tency in macro pro gram de vel op ment is so important For some macro pro gram mers, a

flowchart is a man da tory tool, for oth ers, they can de velop a macro very well with out a flowchart

How ever, a well de signed flowchart is im por tant for the be gin ner, as well as for the sea soned pro –

gram mer – it helps punching machine to design the macro logic dur ing the de vel op ment stages and re trace the macro

flow at a later date

Conditional Expressions and Null Variables

Ear lier in this hand book, the im por tant sub ject of re turn val ues of var i ous ex pres sions and cal –

cu la tions was in tro duced – one of the el e ments was a null vari

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