Safety code for precision punching equipment

Precision Punch Equipment Safety Code: 1. All kinds of machine tools, blending machines, double (single) rolling mill, vulcanizing press, hydraulic press Busbar Processing Machine, tablet press and ball rolling machine used by various departments must develop safe operation rules and special person in charge of maintenance and repair. 2. Various types of machinery and equipment must be installed to protect the ground (zero) line, mobile machinery and equipment should be installed leakage protection. 3. Precision punching machinery and equipment pulley, shaft, the gear, back wheel, grinding wheel or a dangerous part of the human body must be installed protective cover. It is strictly forbidden to carry out cleaning or maintenance work under the condition of equipment operation.

4. Punching machines, woodworking planers, rolling mills and other equipment must be fitted with safety guards or emergency braking devices angle closing Machine. 5. Precision punch equipment must be fixed firmly, between the pieces should be left for easy maintenance and ensure safe spacing. 6. Personnel handling machinery and equipment shall wear labor protection equipment in accordance with regulations and abide by the operating rules bandsaw machine. 7. Machinery and equipment, molds, precision punches with a tire should always check, deformation, fatigue or damage may not continue to use. Hydraulic machine, shearing machine, rolling machine, etc. are not allowed to use overload.

8. Precise punching equipment to distribute or produce dust must be taken to prevent and control measures. According to the provisions of the mechanical equipment pre-management, machinery from the purchase began, we must pay attention to mechanical design is safe, reliable, safe device is perfect, reliable, protective standards, and in the use of the same type of machine in time Feedback to the design, manufacture units, if necessary, to send supervision.

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