Selection Rules of Punch Guides and Precautions for Changing Precision of Punch machine

The choice of the principle of the punch guide rail and the change of the precision of guide rail

Punch rails adhere to the motion path is divided into linear motion and circular motion guide rail, according to the nature of care into the main movement of rails, feed movement rail and adjust the rail, according to the force into the open rail and closed rail. According to the nature of the conflict is divided into two kinds of sliding rail and dither guide. In accordance with the support rail convex and concave form, can be divided into convex rail and concave rail; convex triangle rail called mountain rail, concave triangle called V-shaped guide. Convex rail is not easy to save the oil, but easy to exclude the rail punch surface of the chip and other debris. Concave guide easy to store lubricants, but also easy to fall into the chips and debris, must be equipped to prevent. When selecting an application, the following principles apply:
1, the conditions of a larger rail stiffness and load-bearing skills, with a rectangular guide, small and medium-sized punch guide to take Yamagata and rectangular joint, and heavy-duty presses are double rectangular guide.

2, requiring high precision guide punch with triangular rails, triangular rail face from the bearing and guide at the same time from the role of wear and tear after the spontaneous increase in spacing, high-precision guide.

3, rectangular, round rail process is good, to create, exercise is simple. Triangle, dovetail-shaped guide poor technology.

4, requires compact layout, height and easy adjustment of the small punch, with a dovetail rail.

Punch in the device to adjust the bed guide rail precision should note the following:

1, the bottom must be careful of the stiffness.

2, the ambient temperature does not change too much, the defense of the sun and other direct heat effects (preferably in the constant temperature adjustment workshop).

3, the use of tight measurement instruments (such as optical and laser collimators, electronic level, etc.), remove the measurement shortcomings.

4, to ensure that the adjustment of the horn and the foundation of the connection surface, the bed connection surface of outstanding transactions, to avoid contact caused by poor precision changes to ensure that punch accuracy.

5, when tightening the anchor bolt to be uniform, all screws, nuts should be similar to the level of elasticity to ensure that the bed can be evenly pressed on the adjustment horn.

Punch adjusted, placed 24 hours and then review the bed guide rail accuracy, such as changes in the new arrangements should be, such as changes in the fine tuning is not held, so often adjusted so that the accuracy of punch guide rail remained stable. Punch press after a year of operation, bed accuracy need to be adjusted.

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