technique called approxi mation has to be used to simulate

in the illustration – technique called approxi mation has to be used to simulate the curve by a se ries of very short lines The shorter each line is, the more ac cu rate the sim u la tion, but at the price of a lon ger stan dard pro gram Length of

the pro gram is not a con cern in macro, since the loop ing func tion will al ways have the same size

The first step to take is to define the for mula math e mat i cally Since it is a trig o no met ric sine

curve, the SIN func tion will be used Math e mat i cally, the for mula angle machine to cal cu late the Y is:

Y = Amplitude  sinX

In many math books, the sine curve for mula is listed as Y = sinX This des ig na tion is the same

as Y = 1  sinX, con sid er ing the un spec i fied am pli tude as hav ing the value of 1 Oth er wise, the am pli tude must al ways be spec i fied The defined pe riod of the curve has to be seg mented into

small an gle in cre ments for best fit The first an gle in cre ment will be used to cre ate the notching machine first lin ear

mo tion, the sec ond in cre ment will be used to cre ate the sec ond lin ear mo tion, and so on, un til all

360掳 have been cal cu lated in equal in cre ments The ma chined re sult is the re quired sine curve


Assignment of variables in the sine curve macro call O8009 is short and angle shearing machine simple:

Am pli tude

assigned letter A (variable #1)

Angular increment

assigned letter I (variable #4)

Cutting feedrate

assigned letter F (variable #9)

The macro call will con tain only three vari ables:

G65 P8009 A1200 I50 F2500

Note that the cur rent units must be used (met ric shown) and the an gu lar in cre ment must con –

form to the min i mum pro gram ma ble in put of 0001掳 In the ex am ple, the sine curve will be ma –

chined as a lin ear mo tion – a se ries of straight lines in in cre ments of 5掳 De crease the in cre ment

for more ac cu racy, in crease the in cre ment for less ac cu racy Z-axis mo tions must be ap plied in the main pro gram The macro will be a sin gle level loop, us ing a coun ter of the cur rent in

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