The advantages and disadvantages of precision punching

Precision punch in the manufacture drill machine, assembly, the first mold structure, working principle, product shape, vehicle matching relationship and the related process modeling has a clear understanding, understanding, in the assembly process for some forming rounded, ridge, impact Trace, pull the surface angle and other factors have a clear understanding, so that in the assembly, commissioning process, clear thinking, primary and secondary clear, both to improve work efficiency, but also to ensure quality.

Disadvantages: 1 ยท complex processing technology, labor efficiency is not high. 2, when the pressure between the film and the film is prone to gaps, and because the pieces are not associated with each other, so the material between each piece more or less there is the material itself or man-made differences busbar machine, thus affecting the motor performance; 3, material utilization is extremely low, precision punching punch when the corner and the middle circle are washed away, resulting in a great waste; Advantage: 1. Using a dedicated controller, integrated in the cam and mechanical counters drill machine online buy, mechanical pointer function, reducing the number of components of the system, and enhance the reliability of the system. 2. Using the rotary encoder as a precision punch crank angle / slider stroke sensor, to overcome the punch when the vibration of the larger work on the measurement of the impact. 3. The controller specially designed for the precision punching machine has advantages over the mechanical cam in the ease of use and the maintenance cost, and the failure rate is extremely low, so as to ensure the stamping production of the customer.

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