The Improvement of Electric Control System of New Type Press

Currently on the market of PLC program control and electronic cam common on the punch, the control mode is divided into two different structures, the first high-speed punch control structure is a punch motor through the pulley through the middle of the electronic cam connected to the gear Transmission equipment drive gears, gears, this structure has the following shortcomings: First, too many intermediate transmission links, punching resulting in higher efficiency and lower production costs; Second, the feedback time is too long, not real-time control; Third, the error accumulation, resulting in reduced precision punch control. The second high-speed punch, the electronic control structure is directly connected to the electronic cam through the transmission rod crankshaft, the structure is omitted in the intermediate transmission device, but as an electronic cam is directly connected to the crankshaft, the impact of the crankshaft is caused by a direct down weight Fist, electronic cam, electronic cam life and monitoring accuracy has a great impact.

For this type of presses, specialized research and development of high-speed presses, the new electric control system, the punch factory through the V-belt and the gear and crankshaft connected to the main motor, crankshaft jacket with electronic cam controller, digital cam controller, including Rotating and resilient pins. A crankshaft socket gear, a bevel gear on the gear set, a shaft, and in turn, a crankshaft rotating receptacle connected to the crankshaft and the gear shaft through the bevel gear and the gear to maintain a certain clearance when the crankshaft assembly hole is opened; And the elastic pin structure is similar to the pinhole. The punch rotation pin hole is perpendicular to the pin hole of the fitting hole. The elastic pin is easy to be assembled with the rotary shaft because of its elastic contraction, rather than being loosened after assembling. The shaft at the other end of the jacket has a bearing seat, the shaft end is fitted with a flexible coupling, the elastic coupling passes through the screw and the electronic cam together as a whole, the gear shaft keeps a certain gap.

In the running, the punch press drives the crankshaft through the main motor of the high-speed punching machine, and the Henan punching machine drives the shaft through the elastic pin to drive the shaft. The rotation speed is transmitted to the electronic CAM through the elastic coupling. Due to the high-speed punching of the elastic cam, Only through the torque in the shaft, therefore, in any case, will not affect the electronic cam, thus improving the punch electronic cam monitoring accuracy.

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