Wide application of precision punching quality characteristics

Precision punching high-quality: fine blanking parts to meet the specifications of the tolerance level A-precision requirements best drill machine, the roughness of the shear surface can meet the needs of Ra0.8-0.2μm. Precision punching for a high-tech precision molding with plastic manufacturing less no cutting processing means cnc drill machine, in a Chongjichu both access to high-precision specifications, the shear surface roughness, but also a corresponding three-dimensional shape (using composite Forming processing means) parts, which is characterized by high quality, high efficiency, wide application.

Precision punch the greater the angle CNC angle punch, punching will be formed when the curling and fracture, or even a thin edge of the protrusions. Conversely, if the gap is too small, the waste will appear small angle fracture surface and the larger bright side. Precision punch mold gap refers to the punch into the next mold, the gap on both sides and. It is related to plate thickness, material quality and stamping process. It can ensure good punching quality, reduce burr and collapse, keep sheet flat and effectively prevent strip material and prolong die life.

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